My Projects

# Convertca (opens new window) Open Source

I was learning Web Dev and believe the best way is to practice. Then I made this project with some technology which could be over-engineeredfor such a simple site, but I can learn a lot from that. The site basically let you convert any youtube video less than 10 mins to MP3/ACC files, save it to DropBox, basic profile with history. It has been published on Reddit (opens new window) community.

Here are some tech tools have been used:

  • Flask, SQLAlchemy, Flask-Dance
  • Google Cloud Logging
  • Custom Web Socket Server for progess bar
  • VueJS, WebPack, Bootstrap for front end
  • PostgreSQL
  • PyTest
  • Social Authentication
  • Experiment with Google Cloud Firestore, which you can find in web/gdata folder
  • Supervisor, gunicorn with Nginx for production

    ๐ŸŽ Github Repo (opens new window)

# HackerNews Reader (opens new window) Open Source WIP

The project has been developed to experiment with Vue 3 and Vite. To make it simple for the learning purpose, the goal is just to receive the top articles from Hacker News and load it from the client side. It has been published on Medium (opens new window) as tutorials.

๐ŸŽ Github Repo (opens new window)

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